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These are images I captured in Eritrea in the mid 1960's when I was an american soldier at Kagnew Station in the capital city of Asmara. Since this time Eritrea has fought a brutal war with Ethiopia to gain its independence. The war has been a huge human cost to the country with some villages turned into virtual graveyards. Let us hope things will improve for these poor rural people.

Slideshow musical accompaniment by Native American flutist ,Randy Granger:

Click on the slideshow feature and watch the mid 60's roll by in front of you at full screen view.
EritreanHaile Selassie's GateAsmaraAsmara WomenLadies WalkingMother and DaughterKagnew StationAsmara ChurchAsmara PilgrimsGoat HerderCamel CaravanOxen TeamPlow TeamBefore RainAfter RainFamily Gathering TeffThreshingPlow TeamsHarvest BelowRock Mound

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8.Images by Lincoln
Thanks Mike and Robert,

I appreciate the kind words. It would be nice it you could tell me how you found the site.

7.Robert Borkenhagen(non-registered)
From early 1961 to March 1964, I really grew up in all of that majestic natural world, and still remember it so vividly. These photos are absolutely fantastic, I just wish some of my 35mm slides could rank on a par with yours. If you find any more just hanging around, do put them here for the rest of us to view.

Thanks for the effort.
6.Mike Dixon(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing. I'm glad someone took pictures that survived.
5.Images by Lincoln
Lola, when I took these pictures Eritrea was part of Ethiopia. Since my tour of duty there, Eritrea has had a brutal war with Ethiopia for its independence. They are now independent but things are not well in the country. It seems that the liberators are even more brutal than the original political system. You might notice that the last image(69) is of Hoddy and I in those days. It's saddening to think of his passing.
I can't believe this was all going on while I was in high school. You really did have a wonderful opportunity to see the world.
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