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Images from Organ Mountains climbing. Click the link for 'Slideshow' and enjoy the trip! Appropriately, Eddy Harrison, local cowboy, sings his "Echoes from the Canyon". Enjoy!
Organ Mountains 8 AMLa CuevaLa Cueva Rock 1Rock promontory beside La CuevaLaine by entrance to caveView from La CuevaBehind La CuevaOn the trailCactus PodThe WedgeThe Wedge 2Moving UpThe Wedge TrailBoulder on Wedge trailLas Cruces BelowHiking from La CuevaOn TrailSentinelPanoramaRock Cliff

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Guestbook for The Organ Mountains
6.Lola Orcutt(non-registered)
What wonderful pictures. You capture the life of the mountain so well. Great Job!
Congratulations Linc on making the final ascent. Your email account of the last leg was a very 'pictorial' narrative. Well done have my respect and admiration.
4.Bill G(non-registered)
Linc, you done good. Really enjoyed your photo show. You are looking good also. Keep it up!
Very nice Lincoln.....
2.Dave B.(non-registered)
The thick grass growth is everywhere. That kind of growth is probably how it looked in the lower elevations 160 years ago before John Chisum came with his cattle. We are looking back in time at how the natural grass looked before cattle overgrazed this country. John Chisum moved huge herds of longhorn cattle from Texas to New Mexico in the mid 1800's. Thank God they did not climb into the higher elevations. Nice visual history of the higher elevations, Lincoln.
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