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It was interesting to note that the X100 did pretty well on exposure in the bright environment. I did however notice a slight vignetting in some of the images. I had no lens shade or filter on the lens to cause this. I didn't find this a problem and occasionally would add vignetting in post processing.

Also, I found it helpful to use manual focus when I knew the camera would have chosen infinity. I would crank the MF over to infinity and not worry about achieving focus on a cloudy sky. Be careful not to rotate past infinity, which is easy to do, and cause bad focus problems.
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Sand Head and StormDune BlushYucca and StormSand ShapeSand ShapeSand Shape and Storm GrayYucca and StormDune and CloudsDune and CloudsStorm CloudsDome DuneSmooth CurvesSentinelCampSand ShapeGollumShips ProwCloudscapeOver Las Cruces

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