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The Organ Mountains

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The Organ Mountains

White Sands with Fuji X100

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Created 25-Mar-14
Modified 25-Mar-14
White Sands with Fuji X100

Old Mesilla Farmers Market

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Old Mesilla Farmers Market

Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market

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Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market

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Original Caricature Art

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Created 29-Oct-14
Modified 29-Oct-14
Original Caricature Art

Guestbook for Images by Lincoln
18.Ibraar Hussain(non-registered)
Dear Linc, you were like a father and a friend - may you rest in peace and may The Lord keep you close to him for eternity. Until we meet again my dear friend.
17.Fran Wayne(non-registered)
Going to miss you Linc : ((((( You were a great guy w/ a terrific, "Maine-er" sense of humor. We had some fun times roaming the Gila..
16.Rose Alvarez(non-registered)
Our hearts go out to Lincoln's family. We will miss him at the markets.
15.ron dorman(non-registered)
Love your images, especially the Organ Mountains. You've really mastered the Contax G.
I've been viewing your X100 gallery. Such lovely work, Lincoln! I have really enjoyed using this camera too, and am totally inspired by these landscapes. Most of these are pictures I would love to live with, to see regularly, in good light. Thank you.
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